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CIT (ホップオイル)


Brand : Abstrax Hops®(アブストラックス・ホップス)
Quantum Series - Extracted from CITRA® T90 Pellets
Hop Profile|品名 : CIT
Type|タイプ : Hop Oil(ホップ・オイル)
原産国 : USA(アメリカ合衆国)

Flavor & Aroma : Citrus, Woody, Tropical
Food Grade : Yes

1kgのT90を33mlのテルペンで置き換えることを使用時の参考指標としております。Replacement of 1 kg of T90 with 33 ml of terpenes.

There is no more successful hop in the modern history of beer than CIT. Bred to bring balanced, spicy woodiness and citrus notes together with a high alpha backbone to create an instant classic.

Optimized Hop Extracts

Compared to other hop-extracts, the Quantum Series tastes better, performs better, and is easier to use. It works with everything from Pils to Porters with no special handling required. Gone are the days of warming up your extract or scrubbing the sticky gunk out of your equipment.


Quantum Briteの使用方法

Quantum Briteは、工程の中で最も温度が低く、最も新しいポイントであるブライトタンクで添加することをお勧めします。



Quantum Tastes Better

When you get down to it, nobody wants to use a product that makes their beer taste like garbage. Extracts have taken a bad rap because they can often add more problems than they solve and, frankly, they don’t always taste the greatest. We fully get it. That’s why, above all else, flavor and aroma come first with Quantum.
The Quantum Series is an evolutionary leap forward in aroma and brewing technology.


Quantum has been designed to outperform today’s options in every regard.

Quantum goes right into your existing workflow with no modifications required. Each product is a true-to-type varietal-specific extract. We aren’t creating mystery blends or averaging the oils from other hops. You know exactly what you’re getting and what you can expect on the other side. Quantum is less expensive than any other option on the market. Compare the price of Quantum to T90, whole hops, and other extracts. And, most importantly, Quantum just tastes better. Our process removes the nasty chlorophyll, lipids, and waxes that often pollute the flavor and aroma of hops, pellets, and other extracts.

Any way you slice it, Quantum is an evolutionary leap forward.