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Mosaic / Northern Hemisphere Tropical(ホップテルペン)


Brand : Abstrax Hops®(アブストラックス・ホップス)
Omni Series - Hop Specific Terpenes
Hop Profile|品名 : Mosaic / Northern Hemisphere Tropical(モザイク・ホップ)
Type|タイプ : Hop Terpenes(ホップテルペン)
原産国 : USA(アメリカ合衆国)

Organoleptic's (taste & smell) : Blueberry, Tangerine, Papaya Blossom, Rose, Bubble Gum
Dominant Terpenes : Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Pinene, Linalool
Food Grade : Yes

1kgのT90を33mlのテルペンで置き換えることを使用時の参考指標としております。Replacement of 1 kg of T90 with 33 ml of terpenes.


Like a patchwork quilt, Northern Hemisphere Tropical is a unique and complex blend of tropical, fruity, and earthy characteristics. It’s this complexity that gives it its true name.





The Power of Terpenes

Our Hop Profiles are created by using individual terpene isolates. Think of them like little building blocks. We assemble them together to create an exact profile of the original hop with ZERO undesirable compounds. The result is an extremely potent and accurate profile of the original hop utilizing the power of terpenes.


Extremely Concentrated

A little really goes a long way here. Hop Profiles are made from the essential building blocks of flavor and aroma so they’re naturally potent.