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Brand : Abstrax Hops®(アブストラックス・ホップス)
Skyfarm Series - Fruit Puree Terpenes
品名 : Pineapple
Type|タイプ : Fruit Puree Terpenes(フルーツ・ピュレー・テルペン)
原産国 : USA(アメリカ合衆国)

Flavor & Aroma : Tart, Tropical, Candy
Dominant Terpenes : Beta-Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene
Food Grade : Yes

0.04% dosing rate (0.4 ml/L or 1.59 oz/bbl.)

Send tastebuds into orbit with the thrilling taste of vibrant tropical fruit and gleaming citrus. This cruise is just getting started, so head into the future of craft beverage flavors with the Pineapple of tomorrow.


Natural Fruit Flavors for Brewing Beer
the brightest aroma every single time.

The skyfarm series represents the freshest, most perfect version of fruit flavor and aroma. It has none of that “cooked” off-flavor that can sometimes tank a beer. There’s also none of that grandma’s perfume, potpourri, or floral junk either.

The skyfarm is high-amplitude, recognizable flavor - and that’s important because when you put Strawberry on your label, consumers are going to expect to smell strawberries. It’s built with terpenes for the ultimate flavor consistency, ensuring the same flavor in every season.





Fruit, Terpenes, and Beer
natural flavor innovation at its finest.

As an alternative to fruit purees, concentrates, and essences - skyfarm has been built from the ground up using isolated terpenes. Think of them like little building blocks. We extract, purify, and then rebuild them into the brightest flavor expression possible. This precise control allows for us to create unbelievable, repeatable natural flavors and aromas without the added sugar or the calories.
The skyfarm series is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavor top notes.